Buffalo Match Results                 

July 24, 1999

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
George Conner 5 2 1 7
Hawkeye Pierce 4 2 0 6
Bob Rosenbaum 4 0 0 4
Croft Barker 3 0 0 3
Jim Andrews 2 0 0 2


Five Y.C.S.A. stalwarts ranged in quickly and the rattle of musketry began to reverberate from the firing line out across Yaupon Creek. After the first three shots, it became obvious that "Hawkeye" and "El Tirador" were joined in a battle of epic proportions for first place. Both riflemen have figured out "The Load" for this 750 meter event. In the end, George "El Tirador" Connor bested Hawkeye by one hit.

After the match George and Hawkeye, in a tour de force, fired one shot each off hand at Whitey the drowsy buffalo. George managed a gong while Hawkeye struck the body. Good shooting guys!

Now that the buffalo report is done, I have an observation on Goex 2F lot # 0258 99JA21C. In forty odd years of shooting black powder I have never seen any Dupont or Goex that even faintly resembled this lot. It is extremely dusty to the extent that a black cloud floats over the funnel while drop tubing. My groups recorded at A.S.C. with this lot were half again as large as normal and exhibited weird fouling deviation. This had a negative effect on the silhouettes today (my lowest score ever with the 45-70) plus a poor showing on the buffalo.

The first indication of a problem was dust continuing to fall from the drop tube after thumping same and removing the case (never happened before). After the match Hawkeye suggested sifting the 2F through a cotton "tube" sock which I have since done. This got rid of the dust and compression (all with a die) feels more consistent on my 50-70 loads. Sifted 2F in the 50-70 gives 15 round 2.301" average O.A.L. while unsifted gives 2.297". It appears that unfiltered has less volume, a shorter powder column and, thus, less compression. As yet I have not run a comparison on the 45-70.

George Connor has heard that Goex is having Q.C. problems with their charcoal and in other areas. Until times get better, I plan on sifting all of my 2F. I have not fired sifted as yet so don’t know if group size will return to normal. If anyone has a solution to this problem I would like to see it printed in an upcoming "Lone Star News".

Croft Barker

Unbelievable! I don’t cut George Conner any slack but here it is in black & white, Mr. Barker reveres "El Tirador." OhMiGosh!