Buffalo Match Results                 

July 24, 2004

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Tom Berwick  5 3 1 9
Steve Ueckert  4 1 1 6
Jerry Harres 4 2 0 6
Gary Krutilek 4 2 0 6
Lonnie Innmon  2 1 0 3


As I began to compose this, I happened to notice that in the first six months of 2004, we’ve only been able to conduct one Buffalo Match. Weather has been a major part of that but it also occurs to me that we are not taking full advantage of the opportunities we have during the year to make the buffalo ‘sing’ for us.

As such, I’d like to utilize the same rules that the U.S. Congress has which allows its members to revise and extend their remarks. In my last match report, I wrote: “a buffalo match will be held after every first YCSA silhouette match of the month.”

Rather than trying to remember if it’s the 1st or 2nd silhouette match of a particular month & we need to bring our extra rifle/ammo, I’m changing the above quote to read: “a buffalo match will be held after every YCSA silhouette match of the month.”

Mother Nature will still play a major part in determining if a buffalo match will be held but that minor rewording should eliminate any other doubts about the match schedule: the match is just too much fun to shoot so infrequently!

Stepping off of my Tide box now and moving to the match report: five entrants stayed after the silhouette match to participate in today’s Buffalo Match. The field was split into a relay of 3 shooters followed by a relay of 2 for spotting & scorekeeping purposes. Slight wind velocity & direction changes were the norm throughout the match but mirage made itself known & THE factor to be dealt with from the start. I’ve never seen ‘Whitey’ shimmey in the scope that much before!

The verbal jousting on the line started mid-point during the first relay and held dire consequences for the person who started it. Just a warning to all potential future entrants: don’t mess with a “recognized International Long Range Shooter” by placing the tip of your thumb to your nose, wagging the fingers on that same hand and making facial expressions at him after making your first shot for the score an “X-ring”.

Worth noting – today’s second place finisher shot a .38 caliber bullet ! ! ! ! !


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