Buffalo Match Results                 

July 14, 2001

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Martin Roth 5 3 1 9
Hawkeye Pierce 4 1 0 5
LeRoy Tanner 2 1 0 3
Jim Riggs 2 1 0 3
Jacob Harres 2 1 0 3
Gary Krutilek 2 0 0 2
David Cook 2 0 0 2


The match winner was Martin Roth with a 9.. and he kept his string of bullseye hits alive.

A new shooter joined our ranks and is hooked of course.... Jacob Harres, son of Jerry, had never shot a long range rifle before and had serious doubts the Buff could be hit by anyone let alone him...

Well after a gong hit and one more hit for good measure, Jerry said he talked about it all the way home. I'd say the old black magic has hooked another one.

And the best best part of this story is that Jacob has sons who are excited about his buffalo hunt and can't wait to show dad how it's done. And a special thanks to Jerry Harres for the Buff score board and keeping score.....


David "Hawkeye" Pierce