Buffalo Match Results                 

July 12, 1997

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Tom Berwick 4 2 0 6
Lee Johnson 5 0 0 5
Gary Krutilek 3 0 0 3
Zane Streater 2 0 0 2
Chuck Marshall 2 0 0 2
Donny Chmelik 1 0 0 1


Well! He forgot the buffalo trophy, remembering it as he passed through Sealy, so there was only one thing to do. Tom Berwick won the buffalo match for the 3rd straight month, squeezing out a victory over Lee Johnson due to the change in scoring rules.

After much discussion and almost no cussin’, it was decided that a hit on the the body of the buffalo would count as one point, a hit on the 2ft diameter gong in the heart area would count for 2 points, and the 6 inch circle inside the gong would count for 3 points.

We didn’t want to overly reward someone who managed a hit or two on the gong, but misses on the rest of the shots while another competitor could hit the buffalo 5 straight times and lose the match. This format seems fair and we had our first example of how a shooter who manages 5 hits could lose to one with a miss.

Of course, now, Tom thinks this system is eminently fair since he is the first to benefit from the change in scoring rules. Leeland looked over at me after the second gong hit and muttered something about how he could see how someone could hate me. Now I ask you, is that gentlemanly?

We had a good match with the usual shots fading over the buffalo with nary a trace and the usual blank look when no "clank" could be heard down range. Everyone should remember to keep their powder dry, and as ole’ Steve says,

"Smokeless powder is a passing fad."