Buffalo Match Results                 

July 12, 2003

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Ken Wienken 5 4 2 11
Tom Berwick 5 2 1 8
Gary Krutilek 5 3 0 8
Mack Morris 4 3 0 7
David Cook 5 2 0 7
O. J. Riddles 5 1 0 6
Steve Ueckert 3 1 0 4
Finney Clay 3 0 0 3
Jeff Peters 2 0 0 2
LeRoy Tanner 0 0 0 0
Missy Ueckert 0 0 0 0

After drawing unemployment benefits for 8 months, Whitey apparently saw that a sluggish buffalo target job market and the difficulty in relocating to a new place of employment would be prohibitive & returned to Yaupon Creek to offer his services to the eleven riflemen/women who stayed for the July 12, 2003 Buffalo Match.

Did anybody notice that it was a tad bit warm & humid? A full day of shooting ‘sillywet’ followed by a stint in the 500 m. hide to spot for the first relay took it’s toll on me. Had been looking forward to slinging a few at Whitey myself but made the mistake of using binoculars (instead of a scope) to spot. Was also manning the radio communication back to the firing line and that kept my hands too busy to keep up with my fluid intake. BIG MISTAKE ! Was a whipped pup by time relay two was called to the line & opted to spot again instead of shoot.

As enjoyable as shooting in this match is, being involved in the relaxed pace & verbal jousting (more on that to follow) that occurs on the line is time well spent and memorable.

Don’t know what the firing line chatter was like on relay one but the ‘trash talk’ started pretty quickly on relay two between Tom & Ken. What a HOOT to be in between them as the match progressed. Good thing Ken was using his own powder (I think) this time, otherwise we’ll be hearing about it for a while in the future. Ken, congrats on the win & also a big thank you for helping me spot for the first relay.

If memory serves, we had our youngest participant give Whitey a try for this match – Missy Ueckert. Once ‘her’ rifle is completed & she can shoot from the prone position, I’m sure we’ll see her give us all a challenge in both the silhouette and buffalo matches.

Last but not least, a “Martha Stewart Moment” -> cancel your health club memberships if you go there to use the sauna, sitting in the 500 m. hide for a relay in the summer is free and the results are the same ! ! ! !

-Jerry Harres


Jerry stole my thunder. I was going to say something witty about whitey and being out of work and such, but he got the words in first. About the only two things I really remember (because of heat stroke) Was OJ's rifle and Missy. Every time OJ sent one downrange my teeth rattled. Most likely because my mouth was open. I even asked him how many grains of plutonium he was using for a charge.

Watching Missy shoot was the best part of the match for me. She really has a good shooting form and handles the rifle well. I was thinking about her shooting in the sitting position and it occurred to me that all of us should give it a try. Maybe that's how we should shoot it, in the sitting position with one hand on the sticks. I'll bring this up at the next shoot, but for now I'll let all you chew on it some.

Speaking of the next shoot, we traditionally have the buffalo shoot on the first shoot of the month. Alot of us are going to Raton that will fall on the date of the next buff match. So, I'm going to ask at the next shoot on the 26th. if we can reschedule the buff match to the second club shoot in August. I for one want to shoot in it, and Jerry and I want to keep it going. Well enough for now. I have a lot of prep work to get ready for Claudette who doesn't seem to want to go to Corpus. Stay dry -

Dave Cook