Buffalo Match Results                 

July 9, 2005

buffalo1.jpg (6141 bytes)



Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
LeRoy Tanner  5 3 0 8
Jerry Harres 5 0 0 5
Gary Krutilek 4 0 0 4


There were enough inquiries about whether a Buffalo Match was going to held at the conclusion of the silhouette match that a trip was made down-range to give the steel bison a fresh coat of paint, comb out the fur on his hide & give the shooters and spotters a ‘presentable’ target to work with.

 I’m guessing that folks don’t know how much time it takes to run a buffalo to the beauty parlor / hair stylist / manicurist.

By the time we got back to the firing line, only three entrants remained to accept the challenge. Yes, it was hot, & yes, we were tired but it is far better to spend another hour shooting than driving home at the peak of Saturday rush-hour traffic.

 A three-person match was held (advice to potential entrants – with odds like this, you’ll most likely finish well) and the wind & mirage conditions experienced during the last relays of the silhouette match seemed to diminish a bit.

All three entrants experienced a significant drop in their previously established elevation sight settings, which made the sight-in period interesting. Once the zero’s were found, the shooting became a function of when the shot broke & how much Mother Nature wanted to play with us.

All in all, it was an hour well-spent & I hope to see more of you there, in the future, to savor “The Hill” in the evening.

Think Tonk,
- JWood