Buffalo Match Results                 

June 14, 1997

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Tom Berwick 4 1 0 5
Chuck Marshall 4 1 0 5
Matthew Carter 4 0 0 4
Dave Higginbotham 3 2 0 5
Donny Chmelik 3 0 0 3
Dave Beasley 1 1 0 2
Katha Higginbotham 1 1 0 2
Don Abrams 0 0 0 0


We had 8 competitors stay for the buffalo match this month and had to contend with the heat and humidity. After the regulation 5 shots at the beast, Tom Berwick and Chuck Marshall found themselves tied with 4 hits apiece and 1 bullseye each.

A sudden death shootout ensued and Tom shooting first, hit the 2ft wide, 750 meter distant gong. Chuck’s eyes kind of rolled up and when he loosed his attempt, he just missed the elusive 2ft target.

Dave Higginbotham claims he was "robbed" because even though he only hit the buffalo 3 times, 2 of those were in the bull. Dave claims that the gong is the true target, not the big ole’ buffalo. I told Dave to try to come up with a solution to this scoring dilemma and either weight the bullseye with more points or less weight to a simple hit on the body of the buffalo.

Perhaps we could use a point system similar to the target shooters with 10 points for hitting the 6" white dot in the middle of the bullseye, 9 points for the gong outside the 6" dot, and maybe 8 points for the head, and 7 points for the rest of the body. Perhaps this type of scoring system could be the answer.

Don Abrams took the big .50 from Dave without any real sighting opportunities and discovered the .50-90 has some real "oomph" when sitting behind the cross sticks.

Matt Carter also had 4 hits on the animal but did not manage any hits into the gong and thus missed out on the shootout.

With larger turnouts for the regular silhouette match, we’ll have to speed up our transition to the buffalo. That means you’ll need sight settings prior to starting the match. To accommodate foulers and getting close, we may allow 2-3 sighters and then 5 for score. This will let all shooters make the minor adjustments required for wind and humidity and allow the match to proceed in a more timely manner.

Remember what Steve says:

"Smokeless powder is a passing fad!"