Buffalo Match Results                 

June 13, 1998

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Matt Carter 5 3 0 8
Bill Sumpter 5 1 0 6
Gary Krutilek 3 2 0 5
Nolan Davis 3 0 0 3
Steven Craven 2 1 0 3


What can you say? Matt Carter, fresh off of his win at the BPCRS came over to the Buffalo and proved his win was no fluke. Matt found plate steel on all 5 shots for record and hit the gong on 3 of those shots.

Poor Bill Sumpter, also his the target with all 5 shots but could only manage a single gong hit. Gary Krutilek had three hits but two of those were on the gong.

Nolan Davis, Da Kid’s uncle, managed 3 hits with no gongs while Da Kid (AKA Steve Craven) got the same number of points by hitting the target twice with one gong.

It was so hot and everyone seemed to be pretty tired after the regular match so the buffalo match didn’t have many participants. As long as we have large turnouts, the buffalo match will probably suffer since it occurs after the regular match. However, everyone has fun lobbing those lead pills 750 meters to be rewarded with that loud clang. You’ve just got to feel good to be able to hit something that far away on a regular basis.