Buffalo Match Results                 

May 14, 2005

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
LeRoy Tanner  6 2 0 8
Scott Allison 6 1 0 7
Chris Soupene  4 1 0 5
Jimmy Price 4 0 0 4
Jerry Harres 4 0 0 4


A trip to the hairstylist can sure generate an ‘attitute’. While the silhouette range was being taken down, a generous coat of paint was applied to the YCSA buffalo.

Whitey was shining like a brand new dime 821 yards away and threw down the gauntlet -  “ruffle my hide”.

Five shooters had extra ammo, accepted the wooly beast’s challenge with a subtle smile, laid down their gear and made this one of the most memorable buffalo matches I’ve ever had the pleasure to participate in.

Wind and mirage condition shifts experienced during the just-concluded silhouette match had diminished but that didn’t mean the shooting would be easy.

Slight tweeks on the sight settings paid off big-time or caused anguish.

By the time we finished, there were so many splash marks just around the gong that scoring became difficult !

Then came what made this match so memorable . . . . a final score tie. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Overtime - sudden death - winner takes all.

Added to that situation, one participant was out of buffalo loads and had to switch to a different, lighter bullet load.

Both participants shot in the first relay and had already cleaned their rifles, so sighters were allowed but the decision to shoot ‘sudden death’ may have swayed the final outcome. The lighter bullet shooter won the match with a gong versus a body hit. A follow-up but not for score shot was given to the heavy bullet shooter. Go figure – an “X”.

Congratulations are in order for LeRoy Tanner for winning the match but are also extended to Scott Allison for helping make this edition of the match so enjoyable.

Pins are owed to all three top finishers to reward your performance. I’ll get them to you as soon as our supplier gets them to me.


Think Tonk,
- JWood