Buffalo Match Results                 

May 12, 2001

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Martin Roth 5 1 1 7
Donny Chmelik 5 2 0 7
David Pierce 5 1 0 6
David Cook 4 1 0 5
Leon Ashton 3 1 0 4
Jim Riggs 4 0 0 4
Clifton Stewart 3 0 0 3
Ed Story 3 0 0 3


We had a pretty good turnout for the "Whitey Fest" buffalo shoot today. Even though the humidity was low and had a few rogue breezes downwind we still had a few gongs and even one bullseye by Martin. I must say, shooting the buffalo in the afternoon is one of my favorite times on the hill, as long as it isn't too hot and the back of my neck doesn't get too sunburned as it did today. Gotta learn to pack the sunshade.

The silhouette shoot today proved out some load problems for me. Between matches I rarely even clean my barrel. But for the past two shoots the fouling has been grey, caked on, and dry. What I found out is that my load needed eight slow deep breaths between shots and the internals worked out fine. And that is what I like, the relaxed shooting to allow me the time. I think I need to fix my load before state.

I wasn't keeping any mental notes on the shoot as I figured you all got enough of my dribble the last time. So in all fairness to the shooters in round two, I won't give a shot by shot synopsis. Jerry and I went to the new ram hide for the to call the shots for the second set of shooters. WOW - that's impressive having 500+ grain chunks of lead whizzing over your head. First you hear the shot and immediately hear the bullet cuttin' the air for home. Don't miss out on the opportunity to go down and hear for yourself, and remember to bring a can of Raid for the fire ants.

Calling the shots was a little shaky for me at first. But Jerry and I figured out a good system for the spotter/scorer back at the line. First it is either a miss, body hit, gong hit, or bullseye. Then the clock position FROM the bull, then point(s) up or down, then point(s) left or right. Calling the points accurately is now a possibility thanks to Jerry, who made up the buffalo spotting boards. With these, we can keep track of the hits and the shooters can zero in. If you haven't tried this event yet, load up a couple of extras the next time you make ammo for the silhouette shoot and join the fun - but think about it soon before the real heat sets in.

See ya at state -
Dave Cook