Buffalo Match Results                 

May 9, 1998

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Billy Mills 4 1 0 5
Gary Krutilek 3 1 0 4
Jim Andrews 1 0 0 1
O. J. Riddles 1 0 0 1
Matt Carter 1 0 0 1


There were 5 shooters in the famed "Great White Buffalo Match" for May. Matthew Carter shot first with not much success, managing a body hit with his last shot. Then Gary Krutilek gave a good show with 3 body hits and one gong hit, total score of 5. Dave Higginbotham had attempted to sight in, but due to problems with his "Sharps" (huh!?) rifle, he dropped out and ran the match instead.

Jim Andrews jumped in at the last minute and managed 1 body hit. Billy Mills was the impressive shooter of the day. His first shot was in the rump at center elevation. He walked the next 2 across the body, and the 3rd shot found the gong. We all expected the 5th shot to be in the bullseye, but it fell just to the right at 5:00, but this gave him the winning score of 6.

O. J. Riddles made his first ever attempt at putting a shot in the big bull at 821 yards. He only had 7 cartridges remaining, so, saving 5 for the match left him with only 2 sighters. He struck the life size bull in 4 shots, but the last 3 shots eluded him, but he said he learned how to improvise when not having the necessary sight settings. Mrs. Riddles and I enjoyed keeping score, and spotting for the guys. We sent Billy Mills home with the traveling trophy.