Buffalo Match Results                 

May 8, 1999

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Joe Elkin 4 2 1 7
Gary Krutilek 4 2 0 6
Hawkeye Pierce  5 0 0 5
Croft Barker 4 1 0 5
Lee Johnson 4 0 0 4
George Conner 3 0 0 3
Alan Elkin 3 0 0 3
Paul King 3 0 0 3
David Cook 2 0 0 2
O. J. Riddles 2 0 0 2
Wayne Goering 0 0 0 0


An intrepid squad of Y.C.S.A. riflemen fired upon the distant dreaded demented denizen of Yaupon Creek today with amazing results. Whitey, the drowsy buffalo, received a wake up call in the form of three hits in the 6’’ white bullseye in as many minutes (all but one were sighting in shots).

Joe Elkin nailed a dead-center bull for which he was duly congratulated by incredulous spotters and others present. Joe went on to win first place with 7 points.

Gary Krutilek placed second with a 6. Neophytes should seek advice from Gary since judging from his April win [a 7] he now has Whitey’s number in this 821 yard event.

David "Hawkeye’’ Pierce edged out Croft Barker for third place by being the only shooter who struck the target with all 5 shots.

Thanks to all the spotters (3 to 4 each relay). Between the mirage and many hits on the target, a consensus of at least two spotters is needed (more is better).

Special thanks to Elizabeth Riddles who volunteered to keep score whilst we peered through the scopes and called the hits.

As a matter of interest, everyone should pay at least one visit to Whitey to really appreciate how far 821 yards is. On one painting trip with David Cook, we stood next to the buffalo and gazed in awe at the distant firing line shaded by the copse of oaks. If you haven’t yet tried this event you really should. If nothing more you will have bragging rights to having shot at nearly a half mile and will not have to live in doubt as to if the staff on your rear sight is long enough.

In April’s newsletter, Tom "the Bard of Yaupon Creek’’ Berwick reported that George ‘’El Tirador’’ Connor was laughed at by the metal monster for missing his fifth shot. After ingesting several pounds of lead today, Whitey is presently laughing out of the other side of his mouth.