Buffalo Match Results                 

May 8, 2004

buffalo1.jpg (6141 bytes)



Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Frank Scott  5 2 0 7
Jerry Harres 5 1 0 6
David Cook 5 0 0 5


First and foremost, I’d like to extend my apologies for not sending out an e-blast to remind club members that a buffalo match would be held this weekend. Several competitors at today’s silhouette match expressed their desire to make Whitey sing but didn’t bring enough ammo.

Recent weather ‘anomalies’ have made even shooting at the close-in targets quite impossible on a regular basis & remembering to bring an extra ten to the first match of the month becomes a secondary and sometime missed thought.

Count on it (!): until 2004 moves into November, a buffalo match will be held after every first YCSA silhouette match of the month. Bring ammo.

Started the match with four shooters but 1 withdrew when chambering problems left only 5 rounds to use for score and none of his sighters returned the most pleasant of sounds – a hit.

Since the match had already ‘officially’ started, it only left 3 shooters to see who would be the one to walk away with bragging rights.

Being a “compassionate conservative’, I loaned a formerly semi-homeless BPCS shooter my rifle and 10 rounds for the match. Dad-gum if I didn’t learn something about reading the wind in return. He also claims he didn’t want to outshoot me with my own rifle, so he shot only just around (one bullet diameter JUST AROUND) the gong. As satisfying as that was, his statement that he modified my HiWall so a ‘lefty’ could shoot it has me wondering what he did.

Special thanks go to Gary Krutilek for helping me paint the target prior to the match.

Congratulations and a 1st place medal (thanks, Glen Dickson) go to Frank Scott who won this edition of the YCSA buffalo match.


Think ‘tonk’
Jerry Harres