Buffalo Match Results                 

April 13, 2002

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Tom Berwick 5 2 0 7
Gary Krutilek 4 2 0 6
David Cook 5 1 0 6
Butch Balcomb 3 2 0 5
Jerry Harres 5 0 0 5
O. J. Riddles 5 0 0 5
Leon Ashton 4 0 0 4
Larry Leggett 2 1 0 3
Ed Story 2 0 0 2
Cheryl 2 0 0 2
LeRoy Tanner 2 0 0 2


The last time I wrote up the buffalo match I posed the question "Did any one notice there was a little wind on the Feb. 10 shoot?". Today I ask you, did anyone notice how beautiful it was on the April 13th shoot?

It would be nice if every day was like this, but the heat is just around the corner and on the way. We had a good turnout today with 11 shooters and everyone placed a little lead at the metal bovine mammal much to the happiness of us all and especially Leroy, who had a little grudge going since the last match.

We also had two new shooters who joined us for the match. Cheryl and Larry got to try their hand, proving that 821 yards really isn't all that far as most "non" modern day buffalo runners just can't seem to believe. Larry commented to me that he has never shot a BP rifle beyond 50 yards, much less past 800. I can only imagine how he must have felt when I told him he was joining us for the match. All he wanted to do was fire one of these rifles. He had a pretty good finish too, with his last shot ringing the gong!!

Sorry I'm a little late in getting this out if you happen to be a web surfer and just can't wait to hear about the results. But you know how it is. A man just has to be lazy sometimes.

Tom was the top "Buff" (did I say that?!??!) for the match. All five found the target with two in the gong. That 40-82 he has is an accurate rifle. His shots were very consistent when conditions held, only straying when the wind kicked up. Speaking of, the flags were a little deceiving. The direction was right, but the arc these bullets take above the ground put them in more wind than the flags were showing.

Just one more thing to clear up (TOM). I had the privilege and honor to fire off one of Tom's rounds through his rifle. At the last match, Hawkeye had this honor and if you recall he 'put a miss' in Tom's gun. Just for the record, if you were watching, I also strategically placed my shot in the dirt. Or rather I should say, I exorcised that miss right out of Tom's rifle. I think he owes me a bit of thanks for doin' him this favor.

Till next time, forget about holdin' center, just hit what yer aimn' at!!


Dave C.