Buffalo Match Results                 

April 12, 1997

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Chuck Marshall 5 1 0 6
John Knesek 5 0 0 5
Don Claxton 4 1 0 5
Tom Berwick 4 0 0 4
Billy Mills 3 0 0 3
Gary Krutilek 3 0 0 3
Dave Higginbotham 3 0 0 3
Roger McMillin 2 0 0 2
Don Abrams 2 0 0 2
Mike Westbrook 2 0 0 2
Katha Higginbotham 1 0 0 1
Dave Beasley 1 0 0 1
Donny Beasley 1 0 0 1


For those of you who may not have heard, the range now has a Buffalo out there about 850 yards down range. It sure looks big from the shooting positions but hitting that 2ft gong proved to be challenging. All the hard work by Chuck Marshall and Roger McMillan has provided us with a challenging speck on the horizon at which to fling lead.

As yet, the berm work has not been completed because we still haven’t had enough dry weather. I spoke to Hermann and he advised me that the contractor is ready to start as soon as things dry out just a little. With any luck, the work will be completed in time for the state match in May.

Many thanks to the work party who worked themselves into a lather digging the brace post holes and then hanging that 600-pound monster. Painted white with a 2-foot black circle representing the heart area (bullseye), the buffalo looks awfully large until you start squinting through those sights.

After the conclusion of our regular match, thirteen shooters stayed to work up sight settings for the buffalo. As four spotters worked in unison, four or five shooters would lay on their matts, crank the rear sight up, and fire one downrange to see if it would come close.

The shooters decided on a five- shot match, with gong hits being the tie breaker. More on the tie breaker later in this article, as it did come in to play.

We lined up to shoot the match with four spotters and four shooters. Even though four spotters were employed, it became evident that hitting the buffalo was a little more difficult than first thought. Chuck Marshall and Roger McMillan were given the honor of competing in the first group. Both Chuck and John Knesek managed a total of five hits out of five attempts, the only competitors who managed a hit on all shots.

Chuck won the match on the strength of one gong hit during his string of five shots. Don Claxton was the only other competitor to hit the gong during the match.

The order of business soon became to fire at the buffalo, wait for what seemed to be an incredible amount of time, and then ask the spotters, "did anyone see anything?" Admittedly, not having a berm behind the animal created a difficult spotting situation.

After the match was over, a number of us went down range to touch up the hits on the buffalo, and the question as to where the shots went was soon answered. It looked as if a lead chain saw had been swung indiscriminately in the trees. Bullet holes in tree trunks, limbs, and downed branches were everywhere.

Fittingly, Chuck won the match with his 5 hits, one of them hitting the gong. Katha Higginbotham created and presented Chuck with the traveling trophy for the buffalo match. The winner has to return the trophy the following month and attempt to defend the right to go home again with the "White Buffalo" award. Match results are above.