Buffalo Match Results                 

April 11, 1998

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Gary Krutilek 5 1 1 8
Lee Johnson 5 0 0 5
Dave Higginbotham 4 2 2 6
Tom Berwick 4 2 0 6
Don Claxton 4 1 0 5
Donny Chmelik 4 0 0 4
Billy Mills 3 1 0 4
Nolan Davis 3 0 0 3
Matt Carter 3 0 0 3


Gary Krutilek managed a first for our Buffalo Match. Not only did he hit the buffalo all 5 times that he shot, he hit the 6" white circle in the middle of the gong dead center. That was the difference in the match.

Lee Johnson again managed to hit the buffalo all 5 times but never touched the gong. He left the match to return home figuring he’d been bested again by the elusive bullseye.

Ol’ Dead Eye Dave, nothing to do with his vision, managed a first ever hit on the gong’s bullseye but lost the event with a "flier" that failed to find the buffalo at all. I had a chance for the win but also had a "flier" that failed to strike metal. Also, we were shooting at the 821 yard target in a strong wind that had caused bullet highs and lows on all targets, all day.

Overall, we had some of the lowest ram totals ever posted for a total match which was indicative of the changing head winds.

We tried a different format with each competitor firing all of their rounds before moving to the next shooter. This seemed to string out, timewise, so we’ll probably go back to the old format next month.

Remember, Butch says "Don’t drink downstream from the herd!"