Buffalo Match Results                 

April 10, 1999

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Gary Krutilek 5 2 0 7
George Conner 4 3 0 7
Tom Berwick 5 0 0 5
Jack Hawkins  4 1 0 5
Croft Barker 3 1 0 4
David Pierce 2 0 0 2
Roger McMillin DNF      


Fearless buffalo hunters held back after the conclusion of the regular BPCR match Saturday to try and gather in one of them buffalo burgers. The buffalo hasn’t seen such an onslaught in many months and soon the distant sound of lead hitting the metal monster reached our ears.

First, and foremost, apologies to Roger. He was patiently spotting and scoring the first group and when it came his turn, he didn’t get any additional shots to get back on target. An oversight that won’t be repeated in the future.

The first group which included Gary and George really threw the gauntlet down, so to speak. I’ve never seen the likes of bullets hitting that little 2 foot circle 821 yards away. Were it not for a stray, George Conner would have won the match with his 3 gongs but his miss of the target let Gary Krutilek win the coveted, the much sought after, the traveling buffalo trophy.

Tom Berwick was in the 2nd batch of shooters with ideas of claiming his "rightful" place in the annuls of buffalo bangers galore, but, alas, could manage no gongs, only 5 solid hits all around the elusive black circle.

Since we now have the longer days, due to the sun setting later, and of course, that Democratic invention to sell more beer, Daylight Savings Time, we now have sufficient time to conduct the buffalo match.

So, next month, load up some extra ammo and give the beast a shot. There is no charge for the contest and you just can’t beat the glory and adulation of all of the other shooters. George Conner told me to say that cause he thought he was going to get that glory until that last shot fell at the buffalo’s feet. I can still hear the metal monster laughing its hollow, ringing laugh.