Buffalo Match Results                 

April 9, 2005

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Chris Soupene  4 4 0 8
LeRoy Tanner 5 1 0 6
Jerry Harres 4 0 0 4
O. J. Riddles 3 0 0 3
Lonnie Innmon  0 0 0 0


Four veterans & one rookie crafted an extra ten of their very best bullets / loads and stayed after the 04/09/05 silhouette match to test their marksmanship skills, despite the prevailing winds, on Yaupon Creek’s hairless but freshly painted (thanks Lonnie) bison.

The match was conducted in two relays so spotters and scorekeepers would be available for the entire match. The sight-in period for the first relay was quite frustrating for the shooters, as the winds were quite erratic. Once things got serious on the first for-score shots, Mother Nature decided to give us a slight break and the winds became a little more predictable.

Before continuing with the details of the match, I’d like to document a couple of things that I’ve learned from the buffalo co-match director who wasn’t there today, Dave Cook.

First: two of today’s participants had either never shot the match before or had a new rifle on the line with no sight settings. Mr. Cook told me of a calculation he has used in the past & it worked today. Subtract your silhouette chicken setting from your ram setting and then add that number to your ram setting. The ‘rookie’ ended up with a final setting that was ten minutes off of that calculation and the ‘veteran’ with the new rifle / caliber was off of the initial setting by only two minutes.

Second: if crosswind conditions are causing shooters fits, watch the tops of the tallest trees to the left of the chicken line. Tough to do for the shooter but the match in an untimed event conducted for fun. Spotters need to keep the shooter apprised of when to hold and when to break the shot.

We now return to the conclusion of the match report without attempting to put a ‘Smiley Face’ on the finer details – the aformentioned ‘rookie’ ROYALLY kicked our butts ! ! !

Congratulations, Chris Soupene ! He hit ‘Whitey’ only four times but all four hits were in the black.


Think Tonk,
- WimpWoodJ