Buffalo Match Results                 

April 8, 2006

buffalo1.jpg (6141 bytes)



Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Ken Wienken  5 1 0 6
O. J. Riddles 5 0 0 5
David Burger 3 1 0 4
Gary Krutilek 3 0 0 3
LeRoy Tanner  3 0 0 3


We had 5 shooters that stayed over after our regular match to splatter the paint on the Buffalo target. We also had some of the wind gust that plagued the shooters earlier in the day.

Ken used his match rifle to win the shoot with 6 hits on the buffalo with 1 hit in the gong. O.J. used a new rifle, he just purchased, with a humongous barrel (looks like the rear axel on a Model ďAĒ) to take second place.

David, a new shooter, with his 45 -120 that he shoots in our regular matches, had 4 hits with 1 in the gong. Gary and I only received honorable mention. We both lost too many shots during wind gustw. Well, thatís the way we are telling it.

See ya next time.

LeRoy Tanner