Buffalo Match Results                 

March 11, 2000

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Martin Roth 5 1 1 7
Croft Barker 4 0 0 4
David Pierce 3 0 0 3
Marvin Newby 2 0 0 2


Today's match was held under breezy conditions in bright afternoon sunlight. Whitey remained unperturbed in deep shadow as the four long range riflemen began zeroing in on the distant buffalo.

First to fire for record were Marvin Newby and Croft Barker. Marvin used the sitting position recalling the buffalo runners of yore.

The next shooter was Martin Roth who posted the winning score (including a rare bullseye) followed by the match instigator, Hawkeye Pierce. Martin's bull was exceptional considering the difficult wind conditions.

During this match the six o'clock wind made the "clank" of bullets impacting the half-mile target difficult to discern. As usual, more is better when it comes to spotters. What one was unable to see immediately, the other two could identify. Thanks to Hawkeye, Cosby Coleman and one unknown.

Special thanks go to Madam Pierce for keeping score and to the artistic talents of Messers. Pierce and Roth for giving Whitey a much-needed face lift.

Curious was the fact that only four Y.C.S.A. members choose to compete since the 821 yard buffalo would be excellent training for the upcoming Creedmore competitions. FYI Whitey requires about 62 minutes elevation (depending upon your load) above the ram line sight setting.

Extra special thanks to Whitey who, unlike his smaller cousins, remained upright during the proceedings.

Croft Barker

Thanks for your report Croft, and you’re right that the Buffalo would be excellent training for the Creedmore match. The late start of the regular match, however, probably contributed to the lower than normal turnout. The high wind was such a wonder during the entire day and had "Whitey" blown over, we would have been in terrible shape for sure.

Tom Berwick