Buffalo Match Results                 

February 12, 2005
Club Championship

buffalo1.jpg (6141 bytes)



Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Gary Krutilek  4 1 0 5
LeRoy Tanner  4 0 0 4
Lonnie Innmon  3 0 0 3
Steve Benner 2 0 0 2


We seemed to have even more wind at the Buffalo match that at the regular match. 

After the Buffalo match was over, Lonnie wanted to shoot up some "junk" ammo at the Buffalo. He had 8 hits in a row on "Ol Whitey". Lonnie might want to use some "junk" ammo in the regular match sometime.

This is a fun match that a lot of shooters are missing out on by not staying around for.

LeRoy Tanner