Buffalo Match Results                 

February 9, 2002

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
O. J. Riddles 5 1 1 7
Tom Berwick 5 1 1 7
Leon Ashton 4 0 0 4
Hawkeye Pierce 4 0 0 4
Dave Cook 4 0 0 4
Jerry Harres 2 0 0 2
LeRoy Tanner 0 0 0 0


Did any one notice there was a little wind on the Feb. 10 shoot? Maybe it was just me but the wind seemed to howl every time it was relay 1, then settle down for all the rest of the relays, until relay 1's turn again. You guessed it, I was on relay 1. And that's my excuse.

That's why I decided to play second relay on 'ol Whitey. I certainly fooled Mother Nature as the wind had settled down to make for a really pleasant buffalo shoot. Unlike Raton of recent years, everyone got to enjoy great conditions.

OJ, our match winner, had no problems finding the buffalo and only required a couple of minor tweaks. This gave him a big advantage, and the first to hit the bull’s-eye. Believe me, there is no mistake when that happens. Whitey makes a "clank" when hit, the gong makes a "tonk". I hereby grant exclusive permission to use the above technical terms to all club members.

Tom came in a close second, actually tying OJ with identical hits and score. Tom's last shot also hit the gong, and a trip downrange to check and paint showed he cut the line on the bull. OJ was a little closer to center giving him the win. That was a pretty good job from Tom. He was using his brand new Lone Star 40-82 with a brand new load. Just to find out where he was going, he had to go to the rams as his first sighter shots were way over the buff and unobserved.

Well that was the exciting part. The rest of us seemed to do OK except LeRoy who didn't have a setting. We finally found his hit just to the right of the buffalo on his last shot. LeRoy, write this down for future use.

Oh, wait a minute. There's more. Hawkeye didn't bring loads for his Browning, so he had to use Tom's new rifle. Now after Tom got sighted in, that rifle just pounded Whitey. But it seemed Hawkeye put a miss in Tom's rifle. Oh the shame!! Tom's going to have a lot of consoling to do to his new rifle to get that out.

I'm sure some of the observers saw the friendly rivalry between Hawkeye and me. This could turn into a regular thing, with me showin' him how to hit the gong and all (too bad it wasn't for score). So if'n you want to see Davey clean 'ol Goliath's clock, hang out after the match and watch the jabbin. Better still, load up a couple of extra silhouette loads and join in. I'll help you get a setting with my little buff formula.

See all y'all next time...
Dave Cook