Buffalo Match Results                 

January 22, 2000

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Martin Roth  5 1 1 7
Bill von Rosenberg   5 1 0 6
Hawkeye Pierce 5 1 0 6
Donny Chmelik 4 0 0 4
Matt Carter 2 0 0 2


The 1st Buffalo Match in 2000 was hotly contested by 5 intrepid shooters sporting guns from 40-65 through 45-90. The match was won by Martin Roth with a dead-center hit on the bull's eye that's got to be seen to be believed! Check it out while at the next match (before they get out the paint cans).


We had so many shooters who must have been bottled up for too long, what with the rain and mud for the past two matches, that they stuck around for a "Buffalo" Match. We’ll try another match the 2nd weekend of February. Maybe I can teach Hawkeye how to report the full point listing for the newsletter.

Tom Berwick