Buffalo Match Results                 

January 12, 2002

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Alan Elkin 4 0 1 7
Ed Story 4 1 0 6
Martin Roth 0 1 0 2
Leon Ashton 1 0 0 1
LeRoy Tanner 0 0 0 0
Hawkeye Pierce 0 0 0 0

Well I don't think any one could have asked for a better first day of 2002 on the hill.   The was out, no skeeters, and some pretty lousy conditions.

This year's first buffalo match is in the fire.  Got disgusted and burned them on the way home.  I mean even Tom B. could have whipped Hawkeye this month!  But, after a long day, the winner was, (not Me!) Alan Elkin with a well shot 7 followed by Ed Story with a 6.

After that, I don't think we want to say any more when third place wad decided by a gong! and it was finally me! and like Leroy Tanner, it was the only shot I had that old Whitey.

In last place, we had a tie, and should have had a shoot out but the hour was late, and that spot goes to Hawkeye and LeRoy.  They can arm wrestle for it later.

Well, here's to a great year!

Martin Roth