Buffalo Match Results                 

January 10, 1998

buffalo1.jpg (6141 bytes)



Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Tom Berwick 5 3 0 8
Lee Johnson 5 1 0 6
Roger McMillin 1 0 0 1
O. J. Riddles 1 0 0 1
Donny Chmelik 0 0 0 0
Billy Mills 0 0 0 0
Charlie Hart 0 0 0 0


You know, that Buffalo looks really big until you start flinging lead at it. Four of our shooters found out just how difficult it is to find the range while two others, Roger McMillin and O. J. Riddles, only found steel one time.

Lee Johnson was once again muttering under his breath since he hit the target all five times while managing one gong strike. Unfortunately for Lee, Tom Berwick also hit the buffalo five times while finding the gong three times.

The new berm, while incomplete as yet, helped to locate some of the misses and when finished, should really come in handy. We have all had that sinking feeling of firing downrange and hearing nothing but the spotter’s refrain, "Didn’t see a thing."

As everyone saw during the regular match, the berms are causing extremely tough sighting conditions and in an attempt to help, I am going to paint the silhouettes white for our next match. All shooters have noted how bright the white rails show up against the relatively dark background, so in a never ending attempt to help, I’m going to turn the targets white as well.

We’ll vote on the shooting color at the start of the match. Hopefully, we’ll have something we can see.